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Our Insurance Business....

We are insurance advisors for business and individuals. We act as a broker for a variety of insurance needs, including but not limited to:

  • life insurance
  • health insurance
  • travel insurance 
  • critical illness insurance
  • disability insurance
  • group benefit plans
  • retirement savings solutions


Our Investments Business......

We provide Investment advice and Mutual Fund sales through Assante Financial Management Ltd. For information on these services, please see our website at


Selecting an Insurance Advisor.......

There are lots of insurance companies  that would love to have your business. Contrary to popular belief, they're not all the same.  If that's not enough complexity for you, there are a much larger number of insurance advisors willing to help you navigate through the purchase process. 

How do you select the right ones?

It's all about trust, knowledge and the ability of the advisor to dig deep to find out what your true needs are. Speak with a number of advisors and assess the questions they ask. What factors do they consider in developing a solution for you, beyond price? Do they simply quote the lowest cost? In our experience, insurance is like most things. The lowest cost usually has  strings attached. Did the advisor discuss service levels, underwriting requirements and client support with you? If not, you're not being well served. 

At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable working with your advisor not only at time of purchase, but for years to come. Nobody expects to use their insurance benefits immediately after purchase. Your advisor needs to be there to help with those needs, not just to sell a product.

Our Solutions....


Solutions for Individuals

Do you know what your estate's tax liability is on your registered savings? Is your mortgage and other debt effectively insured? Does medicare cover all of my expenses when & if I get sick? How will my family deal with these things? Illness and death are not pleasant things to talk about, but they raise challenges and issues that many folks don't even realize they may have.

These issues and many more impact people every day when they are least able to deal with them. While we can't keep you from getting sick, we can help you and your family deal with the financial pressures of illness and death by being well prepared.  


Solutions for Businesses

How's your group benefit plan performing? Do you have a group retirement savings program in place? Are you losing key employees to competitors with better benefits? Do you have a buy-sell agreement  in place without a funding source? Have you considered how to transfer your business to the next generation? Do you have corporately held funds that  should be transferred to shareholders? You need to be an expert in running your own business, but you don't need to be an insurance wizard as well.

We can help with these issues and many more. 


Solutions for Associations

We are the broker of record for the members of the CPA Association of New Brunswick. Group Benefit Plans and individual Insurance programs are available. 

We welcome inquiries from other associations interested in offering expanded benefits to their membership.  

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